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Up-date: Sept 12, 2015: Jack & V's "Best of Show" Award.

On Sept 12, 2015, Jack & Veronica Mendenhall wanted to attend the Wright Chevrolet GRAND OPENING. Jack wanted to take this 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe, but it had been raining, so he decided to leave the '63 at home and take his "new" 2011 Corvette Gand Sport convertible. 

Jack said that when they arrived at Wright's he didn't even bother to wipe the rain drops off the 'Vette, instead Jack headed for the food table where they had free Gyro meals, deserts, and free drinks.  

Imagine his surprise later that day when they called out his name to receive the "Best of Show Award". Sown here presenting the award to Jack is Matt, the VP of Wright Dealership Group in Western PA.

 Jack said it was an awesome cruise.

Congratulations to Jack and Veronica ! ! ! 

Up-date: Sept 2014: Jack & V's 1957 'Vette a Winner at MidAmerica ! ! ! ! 

Jack and Veronica Mendenhall attended the MIdAmerica FunFest in Effingham, Ill on Sept 18-21, 2014 where they received the "Celebrity Pick Award" for their very rare 1957 Corvette Dealership Pedal Car. Said to be the rarest Corvette ever built, it was especially made in 1956 for General Motors to promote the 1957 Corvette. Only one car per dealership was made and this one came from Colussy Chevrolet, the oldest Chevy dealership in America.

Jack & Veronica are shown here receiving their Award from Mike Yeager and looking on is noted auto-photographer Jerry Hensley, who selected this car for the Award..

Jack bought this pedal car from the estate of a 65 year old man from Imperial, PA who had received it as a Christmas gift from his coal miner father. The father went into Colussy's showroom in Sept of 1956 and saw the car displayed as a "coupon chance giveaway". The man had always purchased cars from Colussy insisted that he wanted it for his son for Christmas and threatened to never buy another car from Colussy. Mr. Colussy finally gave in and declared him the winner of this little pedal car. It was the favorite toy of the man's two sons who drove it many miles in the family basement, from where Jack purchased it. Jack also went into the garage and found the original shipping box up in the rafters. It was quite a find.

Over the next 10 years as they restored the car, Jack and Veronica learned that this car, built by Kiddie Toy Co. was the only one made of fiberglas, all others were metal. 

Jack later found out that one "like this one" sold at a dealer auction for $ 16,000.

There were many admirers of the tiny 'Vette at Funfest. Veronica said it would be "OK " for the little fellow in the picture to the left, to sit in the 'Vette. 

Mendenhall's Award and Ribbon can be seen in the photos to the left and above. 

Below are some photos of the Fun at "Funfest". 

Up-date: August 2013:

Mendenhall's 1963 Corvette Selected for the 50th Reunion during the 2013 Corvettes at Carlisle.

Corvettes at Carlisle

August 23-25, 2013

The 50th Reunion tradition began in 2003 for the 1953 Corvette when Chip Miller secured and hosted fifty-three 1953 Corvettes. On this the 10th anniversary of that reunion, Corvettes at Carlisle wants to recognize this achievement by hosting and displaying sixty-three 1963 Corvettes. 

Jack & Veronica Mendenhall, along with their 1963 Saddle Tan Split-Window Coupe have been selected to be the guests of Corvettes of Carlisle for this event.

Congratulations to Jack & Veronica upon being selected to participate in this event.

Up-Date: April 15, 2013:
Mendenhall's 1963 Corvette Chosen for "Evolution Display" at National Corvette Museum.

Corvette 60th Anniversary
June 27-28, 2013


The end of June always marks a special time in Corvette history. June 30, 1953 marked the day that the first 300 Corvettes rolled off their Flint Michigan assembly line.  Few ever envisioned that the car would evolve as it has becoming America’s iconic sports car. 


The National Corvette Museum, working with the Chevrolet Corvette Team, is celebrating the occasion with a special 2-day event, Thursday and Friday, June 27 &  28, 2013.  The 2-day 60th Anniversary event is open to all at no charge to members and only admission for non-members.   

Thursday will kick off the event with an "Evolution Display" consisting of the first 60 years of Corvettes on display in the Museum's front circle both days of this event. Jack & Veronica's 1963 Saddle Tan Split-Window Coupe has been chosen by the Museum to represent 1963.


Friday, Jun 28,  will see the groundbreaking for the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park.  After 10 months of intensive work with a track designer and engineers, the Museum is proud to announce that they are ready for a tangible start to MSP construction. Although the BG Assembly Plant has been closed to the public since mid-September 2012 and is scheduled to remain so until at least autumn. the Museum has made a special arrangement with the plant to allow 200 NCM members the special opportunity to tour the plant on Thursday of the 60th Anniversary event. Unfortunately, this tour has been sold out.

Congratulations to Jack & Veronica for being selected to participate in this 60th Anniversay Celebration.



 August  24-26, 2012 found Jack and Veronica Mendenhall at "Corvettes at Carlisle". Participating in the FunFest, their 1963 Saddle Tan split-window coupe was chosen a "Celebrity Award Winner" by Joseph Clemente, Director of the 35th Anniversary Corvette Registry, a corvette club from King of Prussia, PA. In presenting the award, Mr. Clemente noted "great owner, great story, will be part of the 2013 Corvettes at Carlisle 50th Reunion."

In September 2012 Jack and Veronica headed west to Effingham, IL to the Corvette FunFest and participated in the Celebrity Awards there.

They had prepared a written history of their 1963 split-window coupe, from being a "Barn-find", thru 25 years of restoration, which they display in the engine compartment when they show their Corvette.

Randy Leffingwell. Celebrity Judge and author of Corvette, the American Sports Car and numerous other automotive books presented the Celebrity Award to the Mendenhalls. His reason for selecting this Corvette: He noticed the article about Jack and Veronica?s coupe and recalled his first love of a Corvette was that same saddle-tan split-window coupe.

Congratulations to Jack and Veronica. What can we expect next year ??