Membership Application :




We are now accepting applications for membership in Corvettes of Pennsylvania, Inc.

For information about club events, meeting dates and locations, contact any of the Officers listed on the "Officers" page on our website: or visit us on

New Member Dues are $35 per year for the Corvette owner and spouse/companion, payable upon acceptance by the organization. Membership renewals are $30.

By submitting this application, the applicant confirms they are a Corvette owner, over age 21, and has a valid current driver’s license.

To apply for membership, print this Application, fill in all information, attach your check, and mail the lower portion of this application to:

Corvettes of PA, Inc., P. O. Box 224, Beaver, PA 15009.

Make checks payable to Corvettes of PA, Inc.

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TODAY’S DATE: ________________________________________________________________

NAME: ________________________________________________________________________

BIRTHDATE: (Month/Day)____________________________________________________________________

SPOUSE’S / COMPANION’S NAME:________________________________________________________________________

BIRTHDATE: (Month/Day)_________________________________________________________

ANNIVERSARY: (Month/Day)______________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE:  (        )  ________________________________________________________

CELL PHONE:  (        ) _________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________

YEAR OF CORVETTE(S): ________________________________________________________

BODY STYLE & COLOR: _________________________________________________________

SPECIAL OPTIONS:  ____________________________________________________________

You are invited to join our club, Corvettes of PA. You’ll notice that our motto is “Corvettes, Friends and Fun Since 1971”. This phrase accurately describes our club and its members. This club provides you with many opportunities to enjoy your Corvette. We are certain you will soon realize that we are more about socialization and friendships, and that we do not just gather to just discuss our Corvettes.

We take great pride in being an active year-round club with members participating in many activities. For instance, in 2018, our members participated in over 30 activities/events. This does not include our monthly meetings and breakfasts.

In addition to the many Corvette related events, we also participate in fun social events, such as bowling, miniature golf, ziplining, train rides, museum tours, and breakfasts that allow us to have fun and get to know each other as individuals better.

Our monthly meetings are held January through November, where we keep members informed about the club and solicit input from our members. In addition, we have a monthly newsletter, website, and new for 2019, a Facebook site.

We are also proud to give back to the community. We contribute to and support the Yellow Ribbon Girls, who send monthly packages to our deployed troops. In addition to the Yellow Ribbon Girls, in 2018, we donated to 6 other local charities.

We look forward to you joining and seeing you at our meetings and events.