Jill Scott--Granger of the Year  2017

Jill Scott, learned about the Grange from her mother, and along with husband Jim, joined Hookstown Grange on September 5, 1996 and immediately got involved whole hog. 

She joined the Beaver County, or Pomona Level, in July 1997, progressed to the Sixth Degree of state level in Reading PA in October 1997, and advanced to her Seventh Degree or national level in Greensboro, NC in November of 1998.

Jill was elected Chaplain of the Pomona and Master of Hookstown Grange in the summer of 1998, only 2 years after joining. 

In July 2002, Jill was elected to the Office of Treasurer of the Beaver Pomona and has held that office ever since. She was also re-elected as Master (or President) of Hookstown Grange since that first election in1998, serving at that post almost 20 years.

To say the least, Jill has been and continues to be very active in the Grange holding the following posItions and performing these duties;


    -State Deputy since 2000, appointed by the State Master, whose        job it is to surface problems or needs of the local granges, and          perform other duties at the State convention,

    -Member of the Hookstown Fair Board, and as Master,                        automatically becomes a member of the Fair board,

    -Every year since 1999, Jill has helped in the kitchen at the                  Beaver County Junior Grange Camp,

    -Active in the Pomona Family Activities Committee serving as              Chair in 2012,

    -Serves as Co-chair for several Grange dinners while also                    working in the kitchen making soups and pies,-


     -Helped organize the first Memorial Day Car Show,

     -Assisted in gaining Hookstown Grange recognition from the               National Grange as a distinguished Grange the past two years.

Jill and Jim, married since 1983, have been members of  

Corvettes of PA since 1997, where she has served as 

Secretary and as President. Jill has a son, Larry from a 

previous marriage, a grandson Richie and three great- granddaughters, Mylie, Alexis and Payton, as well as three 

step granddaughters and a step grandson. Jill and Jim also 

have two godchildren, Abby and Elio Souffrant.

Considering Jill’s long, outstanding, and continuing service to the Grange, it is easy to see why 

Jill Scott has been named 2017’s Granger of the Year.

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s,  J i l l