About Us :

To say that Corvettes of Pennsylvania is a car club from the Beaver County area would be slightly misleading.  Instead, a more accurate description would be that Corvettes of Pennsylvania is a group of great friends who live in the Beaver County area, and who all just happen to conveniently own and drive Corvettes.

Since the Club's inception on September 28, 1971 our Club has grown to over 100 members. Numerous car cruises, fun runs, extended Corvette trips, dinner outings, picnics and "off-season" events are some of the activities our members enjoy, resulting in precious memories, all the laughs you can handle, and life-long friendships.

One of the greatest attributes of our Club is the generosity of our members.  Over the years we have donated to, and continue to donate to, a number of charitable organizations and soup kitchens.

       Our members support many local community parades. Club members volunteer their cars and

       time to drive local High School Homecoming Courts, and their respective escorts, in their

       Homecoming Parades. This always makes for a memorable evening for those enjoying their Senior

       year of High School.

       During the Christmas season we donate presents to children of needy families through the Salvation

       Army's Toys for Tots campaign. We also make donations to local soup kitchens and food banks in

       the area to support their efforts to provide meals for the needy.

       A recent undertaking is sending "care packages" to soldiers overseas through an association with the

       Yellow Ribbon Girls who have their center of operation located approximately 40 miles north of

       Pittsburgh, PA.

Club meetings are held the second Sunday of each month (except December) at 7:00 PM at Thursday's Restaurant in Bridgewater, PA. 

If you want to join Corvettes of PA,  plan to attend our next meeting, or review the "Up-Coming Activities" section on the HOME page and attend any of our Activities.

For a Membership Application, point to the "About Us" tab at the top of this page then  Click on "Membership Application" in the drop-down menu.

We would love to meet you.