Officers & Committees :

Corvettes of Pennsylvania -- 2018 Officers

President:                           Jim Kinest

   Vice President:                   Randy Tuma

     Secretary:                           Jack Farthing

     Treasurer:                           Ed Armstrong

         Officer-At-Large:               Gloria Tagnosky

  Web Master:                        Mike Safreed

Corvettes of Pennsylvania -- 2018 Committees

Membership Committee:
Marie Tuma     [email protected]

Sue Dietrich     [email protected]

Activities Co-ordinators:

Jack & Kathie McCandless

[email protected]

Ways & Means / Audit Committee:

Randy Tuma-Chairman
[email protected]

Mike Safreed--Web Master
[email protected]

Cindy Molokach--Editor
[email protected]

ByLaws Committee:

Inactive-To be appointed
by President if and when req'd.

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